"Rational and Vision thinking shape WHAT we do, Empowering and Commanding HOW we do."

Dave Jensen,
Leadership Expert
Author of the XLM


Purpose: The XLM Assessment provides you with valuable insights and feedback about your leadership styles and skills. Within minutes of completing the assessment, you will be able to download your highly personalized Profile - a comprehensive, 21 + page report and customized development plan.

Your Personal Profile assesses your strengths and weaknesses in four fundamental leadership styles and eight critical leadership skills. The development plan focuses your energy on the few actions your need in order to leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Process: Once you complete the leadership assessment (which takes less than 20 minutes), you can also choose to invite an unlimited number of observers (employees, team members, peers, boss, friends…) to provide additional feedback on your talents. Thus, you can gain a true 360 perspective… all for the same low price.

Price: Many research-based, 360 assessments cost between $49.00 and $107.00. HOWEVER, because we need to create and analyze a large database of anonymous leadership profiles, we are offering the XLM Assessment and Personal Profile at the discounted price of ONLY $29.95! (Payment information is taken after you complete the assessment.)

TAKE THE ASSESSMENT NOW to begin applying the most advanced, research-based leadership tools and techniques. Within minutes of downloading your Personal Profile, you’ll be ready to conquer your leadership challenges, turbo-charge your effectiveness, and catapult your career. 

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Instructions: Please read and answer each question. Evaluate each statement according to how well it describes the leaderís performance. Answer honestly as to what extent each statement describes actual behavior.

To what extent do you:

1.Understand why people feel the way they do.         
2.Orchestrate diverse individuals into high-performing, energized teams that work well with others.         
3.Generate unique ideas on own, and with others, during brainstorming sessions.         
4.Manage emotions and moods to improve problem solving and decision-making.         
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