"Rational and Vision thinking shape WHAT we do, Empowering and Commanding HOW we do."

Dave Jensen,
Leadership Expert
Author of the XLM

How eXpansive of a Leader Are You?

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas
in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Your Challenging Work Environment
How often do your decisions involve competing priorities, contradictory demands, or conflicting stakeholders? Are you ever asked to: Get more done with less and coach/mentor team members? Increase motivation and hold employees accountable? Meet quarterly objectives and plan for long-term goals…?

"The problem, of course, is that… management is complicated and confusing. Be global and be local. Collaborate and compete. Change perpetually and maintain order. Make the numbers while nurturing your people. How is anyone supposed to reconcile all this?"
Professor Henry Mintzberg

In today's complex work environment, leadership scholar Henry Mintzberg is telling us that leaders at all levels are being stretched by "paradoxical tensions" - issues that pull us in opposite directions. Is it any surprise that researchers have discovered that effectively managing paradox is critical to leadership success?

Conquer Your Challenges by eXpanding Your Leadership
The eXpansive Leadership Profile is a powerful, evidence-based tool that determines your strengths and development needs in four fundamental leadership styles and eight critical leadership skills. Within seconds of completing your assessment, your comprehensive report and action plan will show you how to conquer your challenges, boost your leadership effectiveness, and turbo-charge your career.

Achieve eXtraordinary results by mastering the four fundamental leadership styles:

  • Rational Leadership - better manage daily operations and focus on execution, efficiency, and planning.
  • Visionary Leadership - create an inspiring future with big picture, strategic, and innovative thinking.
  • Empowering Leadership - cultivate a culture of caring, engagement, trust, teamwork, and integrity.
  • Commanding Leadership - take charge by confronting difficult issues, conflicts, and tackling risk.

Catapult your career by developing the eight critical leadership skills needed to succeed:

  • eXpansive Agility - improve your flexibility to respond to rapidly changing conditions.
  • Emotional Intelligence - manage your emotions and improve your decision-making under pressure.
  • Engage Others - boost motivation, morale, and productivity by helping others do their best every day.
  • High Performing Learner - hone in on the few key competencies needed to advance your career.
  • Alignment Ability - communicate how the big picture and key initiatives connect to daily activities.
  • Systems Thinking - knock down silos and improve strategic cross-functional collaboration.
  • Leading Values - identify and practice those values that lead to individual and organizational success.
  • Global Leadership - develop the essential skills required to thrive in other countries.

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